Terms and Conditions


When making a reservation via our website you automatically agree with the following terms and conditions by which your bound. When reserving your airport transfer you must make sure you provide the correct details. In order to book a transfer you must provide your flight number, lead passenger name, arrival date and time as well as accommodation details. We will not be held liable if we are given incorrect details.The details of your transfer are provided on your airport transfer voucher which will be sent to you by email on receipt of booking. Please ensure you print a copy of this voucher as you may be required to present it to the driver/rep that will welcome you and pick you up from the airport on arrival.

Arrival Transfers

On arrival you will be met by your driver or rep at the arrivals area of Crete airports provided you have given the correct flight details and lead passenger name.• After you land it may take a while before you receive your luggage and make your way out to arrivals. In the event that you have lost luggage or if you are taking an unusual amount of time (60mins) since landing, please send a member of your party to inform the person waiting for you at the arrivals area. If for some reason you are not able to find your driver/rep make use of the contact numbers provided. We are not obliged to wait any longer than 60 minutes since landing unless otherwise notified.

Departure Transfers

On Departure – we strongly recommend that you are on time at the pick up point and make sure you arrange your pick up enough time before flight departure as we suggest you arrive at the airport two hours (120min) before take off. It is advised that you allow such time in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the event of any kind of delay such as heavy traffic or other unforeseen circumstances (force majeure) beyond our control.Transfer times to the airport may vary depending on time of the day and traffic so allow enough time for your departure transfer. If you are unsure of the transfer time needed don’t hesitate to contact us and we will happily answer any questions to the best of our knowledge.If for some reason your transfer vehicle is not at the pick up point at the agreed time, we recommend you contact us immediately so necessary action can be taken as soon as possible with no further delay. Do not hesitate using the phone numbers provided on your voucher in the event of an emergency.

Transfer confirmation•

Failure to confirm correct details and follow instructions will result in the transfer being void and non refundable.It is your responsibility to ensure correct transfer details are communicated to us and confirmed. If failure to do so results in missing your flight we will not be held responsible.Certain Villas can’t be accessed by a minibus or have dangerous access. If we are given the correct details, we will assess whether we can access the property or not.  In any case we will do the best to our ability whilst ensuring the health and safety of passengers and staff.


You are entitled to carry one large piece of luggage and one hand luggage per person. If for some reason you are carrying excess luggage, we will need to know in order to arrange the correct size vehicle. If you are carrying a wheelchair, pushchair, windsurf, bicycle or any other large item you must contact us via e-mail and inform us accordingly. Failure to do so may result in extra charges if a larger vehicle is needed to fit your luggage.

Basic health and safety•

It is at the driver’s discretion to refuse boarding to any passenger having consumed alcohol or drugs that may result in dangerous behavior towards other passengers or the driver himself.• No alcohol may be carried on-board with intent to consume during transfer.• No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed on our vehicles.• During all transfers all passengers are advised to fasten their seat belts according to the law and in the best interest of their own safety.